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Part of the power of the Good Ol’ Girls comes from our intimate network and the determination our members have to help one another. 
When we transitioned to our new website we lost the powerful tool of our member directory. But thanks to the hard work of our web director, we are thrilled to announce it’s awaited return.
Please register and create your profile for our directory today.
Our robust directory will allow members to search for one another based on name, occupation, and company -- better facilitating networking interactions, finding support during a job hunt, and connecting with other women with similar interests.
We encourage each member to fill out their profile completely; the more we share with one another the deeper our connections and ability to help one another will be. However please be aware that all the information you enter in your profile will be public to all members. We ask you only share what you are completely comfortable sharing.
Right now it is more important than ever for us to reach out and support one another in personal, professional, and political pursuits. This directory will help empower you to find the right woman to help you go further. 
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